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Debbie has been a member of the club for 34 years, she started training with a 'borrowed' GSD and was invited to represent the club at the Pedigree Chum Beginner of the year. This started the competition bug and she has never looked back.

The first dog she owned was a Siberian Husky, he competed at companion shows but unfortunately died of cancer at an early age. Debbie has trained and competed with a number of breeds; Two Standard Poodle x Border Collies, a Lurcher, two GSD x Collies all have qualified through to be 'C only' in obedience, with 3 of them qualifying to work the Championship Classes. She is currently working 'Rodni' (GSD x Collie) in class C and training 'Shudda' (Standard Poodle) at the start of his career.

Debbie instructs the tryers class and coaches the competition class.

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