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This year's show was run as a capped show, which went very well​. Full results will be updated. below.

2021 Winners


This year's Show will be held on Sunday 12th July at The Snowdon Recreational Ground,, Crowland.

Schedule will be available soon.


Pictures from this year's show can be found HERE


The date for the show was Sunday 17th July 2016


This year's show was held on Sunday 19th July 2015

Beginner: Judge - Janet Stewart-Baldrey

Novice Part 1 : Judge - Brian McGovern

Novice Part 2: Judge - Graham Dyke

Class A Part 1: Judge - Sue Robinson

Class A Part 2: Judge - Loryn Oliver

Class B: Judge - Tracy Ansell

Class C: Judge - Wendy Hagger


This year's show was held on Sunday, 8th June

Results below. More photos can be found HERE


1.         Mrs L. Davis – Digaden Fact Finder

2.         Miss K. Sergeant – Grestean Minla Merriment

3.         Mr D. Church – Albesa Davids Boy

4.         Mrs J. Cushion – Delanor Thunderstorm

5.         Pat Nethergate – Gemma Bee

6.         A. Bell – Gaytonwood Columbus


1.         Mrs A. Reynolds – Deltamadog Lucky Lacey

2.         Mrs R Coltman – Malabar Steele

3.         Carol Buckle – My Shadow Dancer

4.         Mrs P. Woods – Navajo Little Owl

5.         Mr & Mrs Brears – Lamcote Dessary

6.         Mrs K. Marsham – Delanor Run Around Sue


1.         Mr J & Ms S Taylor – Deezaks Lightning Strikes At Taliswood

2.         Miss R. Britton – Summertime Star Of Remror

3.         Joe Game – Carishill Garnet Of Tofts

4.         Mrs H. Webster – Amberslade Giuletta

5.         Mrs W Coles - Simmovon Entirely In Heaven

6.         Mrs J. Judge – Yuletide Holly


1.         G. Fairlie – Sixela African Boogy

2.         Mrs J. Taylor – Jinsay Callme Sock (Nov Ex)

3.         Mrs D. Williams – Astra Tziaka (CDX-WDX)

4.         Mr J. Taylor – Braemoor’s Angelic Reflection

5.         Gill Garraway – Bailstail Bindi

6.         Mrs M. Rickword – Touch The Dream Of Clubs


1.         Mrs C. Lennon – Remarkable Tyke

2.         Miss J. Stewart-Baldrey – Marshonelle Nobody’s Fool

3.         Mrs A. Judge – Yuletide Holly

4.         L. Oliver – Barroway Spotchecka

5.         Mrs L.Freeman – Jupavia Secial Romamce At Lynabbia

6.         Mrs P. Cross – Bilyara Liquorice Whirl


1.         Mrs J. Beverley – Trajan Datas Maizie

2.         Mrs S. Ison – Calcarin Mystery Girl

3.         Miss K. Woodgreaves – Candlewind Tufty’s Torment

4.         Louise Healey – Halshimmor Hamster

5.         Miss J. Smith – Laceway Little Madam

6.         Mrs F. Betts – Moakies Memorable Rokkie


1.         Mrs J. Taylor – Ob Ch Candlewind Force Nine Gale

2.         Dianne Cobon – Nobite Unfounded Rumour

3.         Mr K. Fernandez – Vonbrittnia Anza

4.         Mrs J Miller – Foxfold Unexpected Edition OW (CDX-TDX)

5.         Mrs M. Shucksmith – Murellas Mickey Boy (B Ex)

6.         J. Grattige – Bisquet Shuna


Sunday 9th June 2013

Winners of all classes:


1st 77. G Grimes - Gleraston Goody Two Shoes

2nd 91. R Holmes - Raylisa Celtic Inspiration

3rd 85. V Harboard - Nobite Indian Summer

4th 174. A Walker - Vibrant Golden Crumble

5th 21. G Betts - Kizzy Destiny Of Derfi

6th 147. R&E Sanderson - Mischa Mayhem At Dellariva

A Part 2

1st 119. R McGovern - Bekkim Surprise Surprise

2nd 61. G Fairlie - Sixela African Boogy

3rd 113. C Lennon - Aby May Of Many Tears

4th 122. M Millard - Pepsanner Custom Made

5th 55. K Ely - Oh What A Surprise

6th 10. L Appleyard - Buddy Boy Brody

Novice Part 1

1st 173. K Tir - Hawkesflight Kingfisher

2nd 132. B Percival - Slieve Chloe

3rd 161. J Smith - Laceway Little Madam

4th 181. G Wellings - Tigi Tutu

5th 186. D Williams - Astra Tziaka cdx udx

6th 124. G Moloney - Kinaway I Am Buddy Stanwell

B Part 1

1st 166. M Stokes - Novatell Queen Of Glory At Madsovtik

2nd 157. M Shucksmith - Murellas Mickey Boy

3rd 193. B Wuidart - Nobite Take A Bow

4th 30. C Bolton - Moakies Memorable Ice Of Topori

5th 152. B Seargent - Laetare Janes Ballard

6th 6. T Ansell - Somanic Venus In Blu Genes

Novice Part 2

1st 65. A Farrow - Out On Bail

2nd 46. T Deadman - Beltane Knights Tale

3rd 131. L Oliver - Barroway Spotchecka

4th 55. K Ely - Oh What A Surprise

5th 129. V Oakey - Malaridge Eternal Flame

6th 164. P Spencer - Oaksedge Penny

B Part 2

1st 52. M Smith - Rosmarinus The Chocolatier

2nd 140. M Rickword - Blackgold Back To The Future

3rd 167. M Stokes - Belle Bellino At Madsovtik

4th 122. M Millard - Pepsanner Custom Made

5th 119. R McGovern - Bekkim Surprise Surprise

6th 100. S Ison - Calcarin Mystery Girl

A Part 1

1st 34. B Chapman - Jessta Sensational

2nd 89. L Healy - Halshimore Hamster

3rd 75. G Garraway - Bailstail Bindi

4th 110. L Kendall - Colliewood Matteus Jose

5th 92. S Hough - Stardell Alya Novex cdx-wdx

6th 161. J Smith - Laceway Little Madam


1st 176. M Ward - Fellameeka Diamond Geyser

2nd 172. J Taylor - ObCh Candlewind Force Nine Gale

3rd 123. J Miller - Foxfold Unexpected Edition ow

4th 68. K Fone - Carishill Aqua Marine

5th 109. L Kendall - Colliewood Tarantella

6th 38. A Cordwell - Twianlights Magical Shadow ow


Sunday June 10th 2012

Unfortunately due to the 'Drought' the Show had to be cancelled due to a waterlogged ground!!!

Expenditure :

£8.00 Bank charge for bounced cheque

£35.00 Kennel Club Licence

£180.00 Enviroloo

£26.40 Show advert

£175.00 Venue hire

£10.55 Sundries

£256.30 Show printing

Total £691.25

Income :

£1555.10 Entries

£35.00 Kennel club Licence (Refunded)

Total £1590.10

Profit = £898.85

Refunds @ 60% of entry

Total refunds issued = £131.80

Remaining unclaimed fees = £767.05 to be split between HemiHelp (The Club's chosen Charity for the year) and Lincolnshire Air Ambulance @ £383.52 each

Rosettes and Trophies will be recycled for the Show next year. . . . . . .

Results from 2010

Prebeginner - Bridie Chapman

1st Bonvivant Tete a Tete

2nd Masked Raider Going For Gold

3rd Beat Baxa Ladylikee

4th Danfrebek Smart Millie

5th Jumping Molly Flash

6th Lisdean Black Bullet

Beginner - Romaine Mould

1st Chackmoreton Clarke

2nd Mirriyan Bega Miah

3rd Masked Raider Going For Gold

4th Becanbrie Shadow

5th Nakhon Ratchasima Jacob

6th Penny Star Stifford

Novice Part 1 - Lynda Snowling

1st Nobite Take A Bow

2nd Marshonelle Nobody's Fool

3rd Bersinkiac Solero

4th Slieve Chloe

5th Foxfold Sirocco

6th Pepsanner Custom Made

Novice Part 2 - Alan Ridout

1st Moonlight Maid Of Magic

2nd Rosmarinus The Chocolatier

3rd Tuckerspool Mitch

4th Kenmillix Serenity

5th Zekabie Soul Weaver

6th Bruno Beeches Challenge

A Part 1 - Mel Armstrong

1st Cherikee Warpaint

2nd Nobite Red The Rules

3rd Chalkwell Fentastic Duffy

4th Pemontell Tejo Nov Ex

5th Chauntelle Billy Boy

6th Croftmist Kissamatazz At Whatknow

A Part 2 - Lindsey Simkins

1st Lincolnshire Lad

2nd Reyela's Rockin Rhapsody

3rd Zekabie Soul Weaver

4th Schaisla Great Ross

5th Cherikee out Of The Blue

6th Nobite Breaking The Rules For Westoning

B Part 1 - Jean Payne

1st Woughstock Woven Waterways Ap Wyncek

2nd Pepsanner Jama Coltanner

3rd Jonfiz Sympathy's Storm Crow

4th Colliewood Tarantella

5th Iatka Special Star

6th Jenakir Halloween Harry

B Part 2 - Rita Boothby

1st First Class Hooley Dooley

2nd Schaisla Great Ross

3rd Lincolnshire Lad

4th Candlewind Tufty's Torment

5th Woughstock Wynaway Wyse

6th Chalkwell Fentastic Duffy

C Part 1 - Nancy Watson

1st Zygdann Rockin Frenzi

2nd Croftmist Rivers Of Krismoss

3rd Foxfold Unexpected Addition CDEX UD

4th Rockin Valentino's Jax

5th Tenitia Bright Spark

6th Millie's Going For Gold

C Part 2 - Jean Kirwin

1st Topori Mountain Spruse

2nd Runfold Yummy

3rd Bartonview Warrior

4th Sympathy At The Wyching Hour

5th Suzie Q's Mickey

6th Dellekko Rockafella


Novice Part 2

More Photos of the 2010 show can be seen HERE


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Some of the winners of 2006

(Courtesy of ObUk and Margaret Bradley)

Winners for 2006

Prebeginners: TRIJEM TRUE BLUE FREEDOM (Australian Shepherd Dog)


Novice 1: ST ROCCO (Standard Poodle)

Novice 2: PEMONTELL TEJO (Spanish Water Dog)

Class A 1: HEATHERMEAD MOONRAVE (Crossbreed)

Class A 2: CORIECOLLIES JUST MINE (Working Sheepdog)


Class C: SETAB RAFF ow (Working Sheepdog)

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