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Christmas Party.......

Pics to come................


The Obedience Show went very well. The £40 raffle was won by Mr Reg Hardy from Norfolk.

Pictures of the winners can be found on the show page....


Unfortunately, Wendy is no longer taking the agility class. Therefore the Agility is cancelled until further notice.


The club was founded in March 1975.

We are celebrating our 40th year and would like suggestions from members on how we can mark the occasion...... 


Training starts back on 5th February


The Club is now closed until February


The Christmas Party went well and a cheque for £200.00 was given to this year's charity - The Lincolnshire Greyhound trust

If you have any news or events you would like adding please email them to S&DDTC


The evening agility classes have now finished. We would like to wish Sharon well it whatever her future holds.

The Christmas Party will be held on Wednesday, 10th December at Gosberton Village Hall from 7pm - please put this date in your diaries....


A disappointing turnout for the AGM.......

We are sad to announce that Arlene has resigned from her position on the committee - she's moving on to pastures new and we wish both her and Tracy much happiness in their future. Her spot has been taken over by Kay (hope she knows that she'll have to organise the Christmas Party Games!)

The class fees were discussed at the meeting and as they have remained unchanged for at least three years, it was decided to raise the price. A vote was taken and the motion was carried.

Also, sadly, the evening Agility class will be coming to an end in September. Sharon has decided to retire from training and Annette does not feel able to continue on her own. The recent lack of numbers and commitment from participants has meant that she has been getting out and putting away the equipment with very little help. The new class with Wendy will continue and whilst we understand that not everyone will be able to get to it, if there is enough interest (and COMMITMENT) from members an evening class may be considered.

If you have any queries regarding the above, please speak to your instructor.


Please click HERE to email for more information


Dot & Debbie's classes have now moved outside for the summer. Also the agility has changed to Tuesday night.

Please put Sunday June 8th in your diaries. This is the date of the show and all help will be appreciated

There is a committee meeting on May 20th if anyone wants to add anything to the agenda please inform your instructor

Christmas Party

Wednesda​y 11th December

Gosberton Village Hall


Dog & Bitch in Best Condition : Best Veteran : Party Games

Dot & Ian Watts Training Weekend

For a Booking Form please click HERE

Club Secretary

Very sadly, Linda has decided to retire from her position as secretary and from the club. We hope that all her 'dressage dreams' come true and that she keeps us updated with her news.

The new Club Secretary is Joan Eldrett; please be gentle with her ...........



Wednesday 24th July

Gosberton Village Hall

7.30 pm 

Congratulations go to Sandy and Gem on qualifying for next year's 'Starters Cup' at Empingham at the weekend


Welcome to the world our newest member - Robbie Page.

Congratulations Annette and Nick


  • The Charity for this year's fundraising is The Lincolnshire Greyhound trust - Information can be found HERE
  • AGM will be held on the 24th July


Spalding & District DTC are hoping to hold a 'Dog Law' seminar. Just need to find out numbers that would be interested in coming and to sort a date. If you would like to attend please apply via email

Spalding & District DTC are hoping to hold a 'Dog Law' seminar. Just need to find out numbers that would be interested in coming and to sort a date. If you would like to attend please apply via email



A big thank you to Elaine for going to so much trouble for the Christmas Party last night. It's a shame more Club members didn't attend but those that were there appreciated your efforts.

(As was said last night, you did such a good job that you will have to do it again next year..............)

Training is now closed for Christmas ~ Classes will start back as follows

  • Induction Class - 9th January
  • Improvers & Triers - 6th February
  • Agility - 13th January
  • Agility Fun Class - 3rd February


Huge Congratulations to Annette and Cody for winning out of Grade 2 Agility

in style by winning both Agility Classes at ArenaUk


is being held on Wednesday, 18th July

at Gosberton Village Hall

Please try to attend


The induction course participants :)



You can download a form HERE or email 


Committee Meeting 28th February


No Training through-out January


The Christmas Party was a great success, thanks go to Sylvia for judging the classes for us.

Winners were:

Dog In Best Condition

  1. Zack and Tracy (Arlene)
  2. Shilo and Kay
  3. = Stanley & Cody and Annette

Bitch In Best Condition

  1. Izzie and Andy
  2. Ruby and Karen
  3. Isla and Sandy

Best Veteran

  1. Basil and Sandy
  2. Millie and Sharon
  3. Sue and Jess


Bookings are now being taken for the next intake class - please go to the training page for more details

Good news!!! We have found a new venue for the Obedience Show - further details to follow.................


S&DDTC now have a facebook group so that you can get updates quicker  


Kay & Shilo paid a visit to Jerry Green Rescue Fun-Day and won BEST IN SHOW


Please note bookings are now being taken for the next intake class that is starting on July 13th.

Please go to the 'training' page for more details on who to contact

Funday at Birchgrove Garden Centre

Details can be found here


The new newsletter is now available to download - see above.

The AGM will take place on Wednesday, 20th July at Gosberton Village Hall

***News Flash***

Message from Carrie Butler.............

My husband Paul is running the Silverstone half marathon on March 6th in aid of Hemihelp

This charity offers support to families like us with children with Hemiparesis



The March Intake class is now full - We are taking bookings for the course which starts Wednesday 25th May.

Memberships are also now due, please fill in a form and give it to your instructor along with the correct fee

You can download a membership form HERE

January 2011

to all of our members

January is going to be a quiet month as there is no training but if you'd like anything adding to the next newsletter, now's the time to get thinking.

The next Committee meeting will be held on the 21st January, so anything you want raising needs to be noted before hand.


Well the party came and went!

It was a good turn out and I think everyone had a good time.

  • The happiest woofers were:
  • Charlie, who won the musical sits
  • Harry, who won the recall knock-out
  • Barney, who won the best trick
  • Milly, who won the best sausage catcher
  • Zack, who won the dog in best condition
  • Bramble, who won the bitch in best condition
  • and finally
  • Basil, who won the best veteran

Thank you to all those that came and supported the party and here's hoping you all have a fab Christmas and an even better New Year.

Training starts again on February 2nd, 2011


The next newsletter is available to download

If anyone has anything that they want to be discussed at the committee meetings please let your instructor know after your lesson

The Christmas Party will be on December 15th at Gosberton Village Hall


Don't forget it's the AGM in July.



If anyone has any suggestions, comments or moans this is the time to let us know

Demo practise Thursday 8th July

Demo @ Bourne - Sunday 11th July


Huge Congratulations to Graham Dyke and Joker for qualifying to work Championship C in Obedience.


Please note: ALL memberships should have been paid in by now. If you have "forgotten" please pay your instructor asap.

Message from Sue..................

Demo practise 15th May, 11 - 12 for people who have never taken part in the demo team before and 1 - 2 for those who have previously taken part and would like another go. Held at Birchgrove Garden Centre.

Evening training is starting again after the Bank Holiday:

Monday Night - Beginner Agility

Tuesday Night - Competition Agility

Wednesday Night - Intermediate & Advanced Obedience

Thursday - 'Fun' Agility Class


Now that the weather's getting better and some of us are taking our dogs to Birchgrove for a run, may I remind you all to CLEAN UP after your dogs and take your bags home or put them in the skip with THE LID AND DOORS on.

Thank you


The Christmas party was once again a great success.

The winners were:

Dog in best condition -

  1. Rico & Val

Bitch In Best condition

  1. Sprite & Holly

Best Veteran

  1. Braken & Charlie


Just a reminder that the Christmas Party is being held on 16th December at Gosberton Hall. As normal, bring your dog and nibbles. Any raffle prizes that you wish to donate should be given to your Instructors before the party please.


The Agility Show and Sharon's first go at the helm!

The day went smoothly with a few little 'first time' niggles that have already been sorted for next year. Once again the weather was very good and we finished early, for a change. Sharon is writing a report and it will be posted in due course.


The last Demo of the year took place at Moulton Show. Everything went well and Sue said that she thought it had been the best one yet. If anyone wants to be part of the team for next year can they email


Well the rather eventful Obedience Show took place.

All the troops went along to the Gleed School on the Saturday to set the rings up. It was all done quickly so we had coffee, went home and looked forward to Sunday morning; which dawned bright and sunny. That in itself was a novelty for our show!

We waited for the gate to be unlocked. We waited and waited and waited. Then we saw the caretaker come out to his car - get in it and drive off. So we waited some more and some more and some more......................... you get the picture.

By the time 8.30 came round and Halmer Gate had turned into the M25 we realised no-one was going to let us in. Someone suggested taking the gates off the hinges but this was quickly dismissed. We rang the police and told them of the slight hold up(!) on the roads and they said that they'd send someone over to help get us in. (We're still waiting for them to turn up.) Then one of the neighbours, who were obviously fed up with the sound of revving engines, told us that they could get a key to let us in.

The gates were open and everyone was happy. Until we got to the next set of gates which were also locked. By this time the show should've started so the previous suggestion of hinges and removal was applied and we all got in. Albeit two hours late.

Everyone rallied round to set up the tables and sort score sheets and we ended up starting the show half an hour later. Then we realised the toilets were locked!!!! There are a varied range of people that compete at dog shows that come from all walks of life and a crowbar was soon found and utilised .

The Show went extremely well with the weather being fantastic all day. We didn't have a single complaint, well maybe one but they soon realised that we weren't in the mood and made a hasty retreat.

We packed up at a reasonable time and then had to get the gates back on the hinges..................

(The faces are blurred to help protect Roly & Graham from being identified)

After the show had ended we all realised that we had to blame Dottie for the events of the day. Apparently, she'd said her prayers the night before and said that she didn't care what happened as long as it didn't rain...................


to Judy Dyke, on qualifying Mandi Oliver's dog, Coriecollies Jeopardy,

for the Dog Obedience Championships at Crufts in 2010

The demo at Bourne went well, with everyone enjoying themselves, I think!!

The refereeing of the relay was open to some criticism but as we all know,

* The judges decision is final* Tongue Out

At the AGM our agility competition class instructor retired from her duties and from the committee. We wish Margaret well in all that she decides to do now that she'll have so much spare time on her hands! This has left the competition class without an instructor until Sharon takes over when we go back to weekends.

For any further info on training please email S&DDTC

We'd like to welcome three new committee members: Carrie Butler, Bernie Mitchell and Arlene Jukes.

I think the meetings in the pub was the deciding factor, especially for Arlene............. 

The annual Obedience Show is being held on Sunday 16th August. All offers of help will be gratefully received, as they will be at the Agility Show on the 10th October.

Raffle prizes are always welcome!!!

June 09

The summer bar-b-q will be held on Friday 7th August. All welcome, please bring nibbles and/or raffle prizes.

More volunteers are needed for the Demo Team. Any one that's interested please go along to the next practise night, Thursday 25th June at 7pm and offer yourself to Sue!!!

The AGM is on Wednesday, 22nd July at 7.30pm

It's at Gosberton Village Hall

All Welcome


If you've got anything to say, here's the place to say it............

Crufts News

to *Spalding Medley*.

The medium agility team came second in the final.

To see live coverage of Crufts click HERE

News Jan 2009

The winners at the Christmas Party were as follows;

  Best Dog was won by Jake Best Bitch was won by Pippa Best Veteran was won by Basil  

The Competitive Obedience Trophy for the Dog & Handler gaining the most points throughout the year was won by;

Alison & Tucker

Sandy & Dizzy have qualified for the final of the DARL Rescue League Agility Final

Yvonne is going to be taking the *Fun Class* at Agility. For more details see the 'Training' page.


Please note:

The new email address for Spalding & District Dog Training Club is

The calendar has gone to the printers.

It should be ready for the Christmas party which is on

Holiday Text -

Training will restart on Wednesday the 7th Januaruy 2009

Photo Album

If club members have any photos of their dogs doing 'stuff' that they would like putting onto the site in the Photo Album, please email them to

Please could you resize them to 100KB or less.

Also please be aware of (c) issues if someone else has taken them for you. Ask their permission and enquire if they want credits on the site.

S&DDTC are in no way responsible for the photos you send in.

Christmas Party 2007

The Christmas Party was held on Wedneday 12th December.

Dog in best condition was won by JACK (Jack Russel)

Bitch in best condition was won by LIBBY (English Springer Spaniel)

Best Veteran ( Perpetual trophy in memory of Ann Hendry) was won by WIDGET (Lurcher aged 13 years)

The classes were judged by Mavis Edwards & Brian Hendry, Ann's brother.

Ann Hendry RIP

Regular members will have known Ann for many years. She was a life member and a stalwart of the club. Always there to make coffee, and do the helpers lunches at the Shows. It was after the Agility Show in October that Ann sadly passed away, peacefully, at home, surrounded by her dogs.

She will be greatly missed......................

Ann with her Aussies, Sky & Pepper

Demonstrations 2007

Agility Demonstrations.

Anyone wishing to be part of the team should speak to their instructors so that a list can be compiled. Don't be shy ~ Your club needs you!


The final demonstration for the team this year was held on 2nd September at Moulton Park. It was a lovely day and everyone turned up very keen to make the final one a demo to remember.

Once the agility course was set up the ring was ours. Enter Linda, the lady of ad-lib and micky taking. She has done a fantastic job all through the year with the commentating and we're really grateful to her. She then introduced the seven required for agility. This was quickly completed with a few laughs and then it was on to the obedience section where we show recalls and a few tricks.

After that we moved onto the relay, this seems to be an audience motivator. The two teams were running really well and the red team won the first two races, however Linda became very biased and decided that the blue team won the second one. I'm sure my side of the audience shouted louder when she asked them, but we still had to run the third and final decider race. Low and behold we won that one too, sorry Dot but yes it was really a three nil race to the red team. The demo was then finished and the crowd was lovely and showed their appreciation by giving us a good round of applause.

We already have several people wanting to book the team for next year so I predict a very busy year.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say thanks to EVERONE for giving their time not just for the actual demos but the training as well.

I would also like to warn them that I have loads of new ideas for next year so lots of practicing. Thanks again.



The demo at Morton nr Bourne was our first trip out of the year and was a great success. We had two slots and they both went really well. Linda did the commentating and was really good at 'ad-libbing'. There were a total of 13 dogs, with a mix of large and medium. First of all the team was introduced into the arena and then the large dogs showed off their agility skills, followed by the medium dogs. We then demonstrated the obedience skills by having 3 dogs retrieve and 5 dogs doing a recall. Then 5 dogs went into the arena to show off some tricks and finally the relay of large dogs against medium, of which the mediums won in the morning and the large dogs in the afternoon, I hasten to add that an 11 year old border collie, *Misty*, was called upon to pull it back. Max did a fantastic job of running the relay both up and down without Julie. All of the dogs and handlers did remarkably well and they can't wait until the next outing.

News 2007

This year's bar-b-q went very well. (Especially the Banoffee Pie!!). It was a lovely night, after all the rain of the previous week, and everyone enjoyed themselves. 

Congratulations to:


Rachel & Moss 'won out' of Novice at our show

Debz & Duggie won Novice at their first attempt

Debz & Rej won the Reserve CC at Potters Bar Championship Show

Sylvie & Glanzi for winning out of 'B'

Hayden & Luger for winning out of Prebeginners


Wow! Louis's on a roll......... He and Jeanette have qualified for the KC Novice final at Crufts 2008. Good Luck from all at S&DDTC

Jeanette Sharpe & Louis for winning out of Grade 3

Sharon Brewster & D'arcy, winning their 3rd ticket. D'arcy is now, officially to be known as: AGILITY CHAMPION UPANOVER WHICH WAY NOW

Margaret and Daisy for winning out of Grade 3.

Sandy & Dizzy for winning Elementary Agility at Manor.

Margaret & Willow for winning Novice+ Jumping at the January Winter League.

Tina & Ollie and Richard & Floss for their wins at Manor.

News 2006

The Christmas party was enjoyed by all.

Dog in best condition was won by 'Max'.

Bitch in best condition was won by 'Buffy'.

Best veteran was won by 'Fern'.

We raised £515.15 for The Jerry Green Foundation which their head office doubled, so they had a cheque for £1,030.30. (OK. Own up - who put the 15p in????)

The Barbeque went well. After rain all day the sun came out and it was a lovely evening. Rachel and Murphy won the fun agility competition with the only clear round of the night.

Murphy ~ Stella ~ Josie ~ Ricky ~ Izzy ~ Pippa ~ Jake

The club is pleased to announce that we have raised £700.00 for the 'Donna Louise' Trust at Stoke on Trent. The next charity to benefit will be The Jerry Green Foundation (Sutterton).

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